Industrial Estate

Every Industrial Estate needs security protection. Left unattended, it can provide a playground of opportunity for thieves, day and night. A visual deterrent is the first step to securing a site. From mobile patrolling to static guarding to CCTV monitoring, speak to us today to discuss the right approach to a more secure industrial estate.

All our staff will be fully briefed of your expectations and vigilant to pacify threats or potential disturbances even before they can occur. Your event, a success to be remembered by, our pleasure to serve you.

Not every industrial estate is built the same, nor does it necessarily have an external fence. Without security, thieves can gain access, gain entry to open premises without checks and potentially pose a serious security and safety issue, extending to malicious attempts to cause harm and destruction.

Thieves could steal expensive equipment and leave the site without being prompted and checked or indeed, take the opportunity when staff are otherwise distracted, remove hardware, commit industrial espionage and data protection breaches.

The visual deterrent from the outset, the checking of vehicles and persons on and off a site coupled with cctv evidence, will greatly diminish crime. Our security guards are well presented to be the first impression of the industrial estate, even before the client has reached his or her destination. Image is everything.