Public Events Security

From concourse d’ elegance to flower shows, projecting the right image from the outset is paramount for a successful event. Our security solutions provide the right image to match your goals. Discreet or deterrent, speak to us today to make your event, a success.

With every public event, the potential risk of a terrorist attack, major disturbance or medical emergency, should be assessed and professionally coordinated and in some events, handled in close cooperation with police, fire and ambulance services.

Our team of security professionals are trained to spot potential threats, whether domestic or terror attacks and deal with them swiftly, decisively and discreetly. From bag searching to physical searching, serving as an optical deterrent to would-be attacks, the safety of the general public is paramount and imperative for a successful event. Identifying suspect person(s), to isolating unattended everyday items, the list of potential security risks is infinite.

We work hard to minimise and eradicate that risk to make your event run smoothly